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Your source for texts supporting the study of peace and conflict resolution.

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Supporting Conflict Studies

A useful tool for exploring various aspects of conflict is the conflict assessment tree.  Analyzing a conflict in this way helps us get to know the roots and branches and fruits of conflict that are manifesting themselves in a given situation.

Promoting Open Educational Resources

The study of conflict is challenging enough. We shouldn't burden students and new program developers with high textbook costs. This site will work on growing  the tree of knowledge by making customized conflict studies books available at low or no cost. We're using PressBooks for much of the magic.

Saving Some Trees

One of the main features of this site will be the nicely formatted ebooks on conflict themes available in multiple formats.

Project Partners (Sample, not Final)

We want to expand access to reading materials focused on peace and conflict studies. Some of the project partners are listed below. This is a work in progress...

Developer & Content Contributor

Colorado Conflict Consortium

Possible Content Contributor

GPPAC Peace Education Group

Content Contributor