Appendices with Examples

The following links go to the original online version of this book, providing pdf copies of useful supporting documents related to each chapter.

Appendix 1: Teaching Peace and Conflict in US Community Colleges

  1. Program Initiatives (get pdf)
  2. Special Interest Group (get pdf)

Appendix 2: Gaining Administrative Support

  1. President Letter Delta College (get pdf)
  2. President Letter Greenfield Community College (get pdf)
  3. President Letter Nashua Community College (get pdf)
  4. President Letter Golden West College (get pdf)
  5. Articulation Agreement: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  6. Letter to Salisbury: Howard Community College (get pdf)

Appendix 3. How to Market Your Peace, Justice and Conflict Management Studies Program

  1. Greenfield Community College Prospective Student Letter (get pdf)
  2. Greenfield Community College School Personnel Letter (get pdf)
  3. Open Mind, Open Mic Fall Schedule (get pdf)
  4. Open Mind, Open Mic Winter Schedule (get pdf)
  5. Open Mind, Open Mic Spring Schedule (get pdf)
  6. Art of Social Change flyer (get pdf)
  7. Peace and Conflict Studies Learning Community (get pdf)
  8. PSJ Course Descriptions (get pdf)
  9. PSJ 101 Flyer (get pdf)
  10. PSJ 120 Flyer (get pdf)
  11. Psychology of Peace Flyer (get pdf)
  12. Marketing Video Example from Greenfield Community College (View on Youtube)
  13. Program Flyer: Nashua Community College (get pdf)
  14. Degree Brochure: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  15. Degree Program Flyer: Howard Community College (get pdf)

Appendix 4. Course Development/Integration: How to Develop a Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution Course, classroom pedagogy

  1. Core Course list: Nashua Community College (get pdf)
  2. Program Requirements: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  3. Course Syllabus: Dynamics of Social Conflict: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  4. Course Syllabus: Conflict and Process: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  5. Course Syllabus: Introduction to Restorative Justice: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  6. Course Syllabus: Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  7. Course Outline: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  8. Course Outline: Conflict Resolution Skills: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  9. Course Outline: Implementing Peace Studies and Conflict Management Theories and Practices with Service Learning: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  10. Course Selection Matrix: Cuyahoga Community College
  11. Course Catalog Summary: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)

Appendix 5. Supplemental Programming: mediation programs, study abroad, service learning, sustained dialogue campus network

  1. Peace Week Event Flyer: Allegheny Community College (get pdf)
  2. International Day of Peace: Allegheny Community College (get pdf)
  3. Peace Studies Labyrinth: Allegheny Community College (get pdf)
  4. Costa Rica Study Abroad Flyer: Nashua Community College (get pdf)
  5. Costa Rica Study Abroad Flyer: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  6. Costa Rica Study Abroad Syllabus: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  7. Sustained Dialogue Campus Network flyer: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)
  8. Talking points for Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center: Howard Community College (get pdf)
  9. Mediation Program flyer: Cuyahoga Community College (get pdf)


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