This manual has been many years in the making. Conflict Resolution Network first started developing and collecting this material in 1986 as part of its core purpose to research, develop, teach and implement the theory and practice of Conflict Resolution and make the skills easily accessible world-wide.

This manual represents the collected wisdom of many great writers in the fields of management, psychology, personal development and education – many of whom are acknowledged in references throughout the manual.

It represents also the contributions of the thousands of participants as they have worked through the materials on CR courses.

We have been privileged to have the advice of many highly skilled trainers who have shown us better ways to conduct segments and offered us new teaching points and experiential exercises.

May we thank them all collectively and specially acknowledge:
Caroline Butler, Stella Cornelius, Thomas Crum, Shoshana Faire, Robyn Gaspari, Jan Grant, Christine James, Robert Kyosaki, Vanessa Lynne, Lis Moller, Jan Paton, Greg Tillett, Judy Walker, Stuart Walker and Julie Wells.

This second edition, directed by Helena Cornelius, represents countless hours of the most caring and dedicated work. David Smith, Estella Cornelius, Julianne Wargren and Nancy Shearer should be especially acknowledged in this process. All have held the vision of making a cost-free digital version for our website, which is up-to-date and fully accessible for students and trainers.

We expect this material to continue to evolve and welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas for updating in the future.


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Conflict Resolution Trainers' Manual - 12 Skills by Conflict Resolution Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.